Modules and Prologs (XQuery)


Applies To: SQL Server

XQuery Prolog is a series of namespace declarations. In using the declare namespace in prolog, you can specify prefix to namespace binding and use the prefix in the query body.

The following XQuery specifications are not supported in this implementation:

  • Module declaration (version)

  • Module declaration (module namespace)

  • Xmpspacedeclaration (xmlspace)

  • Default collation declaration (declare default collation)

  • Base URI declaration (declare base-uri)

  • Construction declaration (declare construction)

  • Default ordering declaration (declare ordering)

  • Schema import (import schema namespace)

  • Module import (import module)

  • Variable declaration in the prolog (declare variable)

  • Function declaration (declare function)

XQuery Prolog
Describes the XQuery prolog.

XQuery Language Reference (SQL Server)

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