Defining Stored Procedures


Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

You can use stored procedures to call external routines from Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. You can write an external routines called by a stored procedure in any common language runtime (CLR) language, such as C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, or Visual Basic .NET. A stored procedure can be created once and called from many contexts, such as other stored procedures, calculated measures, or client applications. Stored procedures simplify Analysis Services database development and implementation by allowing common code to be developed once and stored in a single location. Stored procedures can be used to add business functionality to your applications that is not provided by the native functionality of MDX.

This section provides the information necessary to understand, design, and implement stored procedures.

Designing Stored ProceduresDescribes how to design assemblies for use with Analysis Services.
Creating Stored ProceduresDescribes how to create assemblies for Analysis Services.
Calling Stored ProceduresProvides information on how to use assemblies in Analysis Services.
Accessing Query Context in Stored ProceduresDescribes how to access scope and context information with assemblies.
Setting Security for Stored ProceduresDescribes how to configure security for assemblies in Analysis Services.
Debugging Stored ProceduresDescribes how to debug assemblies in Analysis Services.

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