Manage Profile Security, Private Tab (Database Mail)

Use this page to configure a private profile.

Profiles are either public or private. A private profile is accessible only to specific users or roles. A public profile allows any user or role with access to the mail host database (msdb) to send e-mail using that profile.

A profile may be a default profile. In this case, users or roles can send e-mail using the profile without explicitly specifying the profile. If the user or role sending the e-mail message has a default private profile, Database Mail uses that profile. If the user or role has no default private profile, sp_send_dbmail uses the default public profile for the msdb database. If there is no default private profile for the user or role and no default public profile for the database, sp_send_dbmail returns an error.


To send Database Mail users must also be a added to the DatabaseMailUsersRole database role in the msdb database using Management Studio or sp_addrolemember.

User name

Select the name of a user or role in the msdb database.


Select whether the user or role has access to the specified profile.

Profile name

View the name of the profile.

Is Default Profile

Select whether the profile is the default profile for the user or role. Each user or role may have only one default profile.

Show only existing private profiles for this user

Select this option to display only profiles that the specified user or role already has access to.

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