SQL Server, Plan Cache Object


The Plan Cache object provides counters to monitor how SQL Server uses memory to store objects such as stored procedures, ad hoc and prepared Transact-SQL statements, and triggers. Multiple instances of the Plan Cache object can be monitored at the same time, with each instance representing a different type of plan to monitor.

This table describes are the SQLServer:Plan Cachecounters.

SQL Server Plan Cache countersDescription
Cache Hit RatioRatio between cache hits and lookups.
Cache Object CountsNumber of cache objects in the cache.
Cache PagesNumber of 8-kilobyte (KB) pages used by cache objects.
Cache Objects in useNumber of cache objects in use.

Each counter in the object contains the following instances:

Plan Cache instanceDescription
_TotalInformation for all types of cache instances.
Sql PlansQuery plans produced from an ad hoc Transact-SQL query, including auto-parameterized queries, or from Transact-SQL statements prepared using sp_prepare or sp_cursorprepare. SQL Server caches the plans for ad hoc Transact-SQL statements for later reuse if the identical Transact-SQL statement is later executed. User-parameterized queries (even if not explicitly prepared) are also monitored as Prepared SQL Plans.
Object PlansQuery plans generated by creating a stored procedure, function, or trigger.
Bound TreesNormalized trees for views, rules, computed columns, and check constraints.
Extended Stored ProceduresCatalog information for extended stores procedures.
Temporary Tables & Table VariablesCache information related to temporary tables and table variables.

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