Merge publications with parameterized filters use the SUSER_SNAME() function and/or the HOST_NAME() function to filter data. The function is specified in the New Publication Wizard or the Publication Properties dialog box.

By default, the HOST_NAME() function returns the name of the computer connecting to the Publisher. When using parameterized filters, it is common to override this value by supplying a value on this page of the wizard. The HOST_NAME() function then returns the value you specify rather than the name of the computer. For more information, see the "Overriding the HOST_NAME() Value" section of Parameterized Row Filters.


If you override HOST_NAME(), all calls to the HOST_NAME() function will return the value you specify. Ensure that other applications are not depending on HOST_NAME() returning the computer name.

Subscription properties

Enter a value for each Subscriber in the HOST_NAME Value column or accept the default, which is the name of the Subscriber computer.

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