Object Binding Dialog Box

Use the Object Binding dialog box in Business Intelligence Development Studio to define bindings between the property of an Analysis Services object and a table or column in a data source view. You can display the Object Binding dialog box by selecting (new) from the drop-down list for the value of the following properties of an Analysis Services object in the Properties window of Business Intelligence Development Studio:

  • NameColumn

  • ValueColumn

  • CustomRollupColumn

  • CustomRollupPropertiesColumn

  • UnaryOperatorColumn

Binding type

Select the binding to use for the Analysis Services object. The following types of binding can be used:

Column binding

Binds the object to an existing table and column within a data source view.

Generate column

Indicates that a new column is to be defined in the data source view, and a column binding is then associated with it.


If this option is selected, you must run the Schema Generation Wizard before deploying the Analysis Services object.

Row binding

Binds the object to a row in a fact table and is used to facilitate count measures based on the number of rows processed in the fact table.

Source table

Displays a list of tables in the data source view associated with the Analysis Services object.

Source column

Displays a list of columns in the table selected in Source table.

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