Dimension Designer (Analysis Services - Multidimensional Data)

Use Dimension Designer in Business Intelligence Development Studio to browse the data that the dimension contains, and to modify various properties of an existing dimension: attributes, hierarchies, levels, attribute relationships, and translations.

To display Dimension Designer

  • In Business Intelligence Development Studio, in Solution Explorer, use one of the following procedures procedures:

    • Right-click a dimension and then click Open or View Designer.


    • Double-click a dimension.

Dimension Designer contains the following pages:

Dimension Structure

Use this page to view and modify the attributes, hierarchies, and levels in the dimension.

Attribute Relationships

Use thispage to create, modify or delete the attribute relationships of the selected dimension.


Use this page to view and modify translations associated with the dimension and its attributes, hierarchies, and levels.


Use this page to browse the members of a hierarchy that the dimension contains.

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