Dataset (Parameters Tab, Report Designer)

Updated: 5 December 2005

Use the Parameters tab of the Dataset dialog box to define values for query parameters. The parameters list is automatically populated, but you use this tab to add, edit, and delete query parameters.

The order of parameters is important. When you define a parameter for the query, it is automatically added to the list of report parameters. Parameters later in the list can refer to parameters earlier in the list and be used for drillthrough reports. For more information about report parameters, see Report Parameters (Report Designer) and Working with Parameters in Reporting Services.


Type a parameter from the query.


Type a value to be passed to the query parameter. This can be a static value or an expression that refers to an object within the report, but it cannot refer to any report items or fields. By default, Value contains an expression that points to a report parameter created automatically by Report Designer when the query is updated.


Click the Up arrow to move the selected parameter up in the list.


Click the Down arrow to move the selected parameter down in the list.


Click the Delete button to remove the selected parameter from the list.

Release History

5 December 2005

New content:
  • Added Up, Down, Delete.
  • Significance of order of parameters in list.