sys.dm_os_memory_cache_hash_tables (Transact-SQL)


THIS TOPIC APPLIES TO:yesSQL Server (starting with 2008)noAzure SQL DatabaseyesAzure SQL Data Warehouse yesParallel Data Warehouse

Returns a row for each active cache in the instance of SQL Server.

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

To call this from Azure SQL Data Warehouse or Parallel Data Warehouse, use the name sys.dm_pdw_nodes_os_memory_cache_hash_tables.

Column nameData typeDescription
cache_addressvarbinary(8)Address (primary key) of the cache entry. Is not nullable.
namenvarchar(256)Name of the cache. Is not nullable.
typenvarchar(60)Type of cache. Is not nullable.
table_levelintHash table number. A particular cache may have multiple hash tables that correspond to different hash functions. Is not nullable.
buckets_countintNumber of buckets in the hash table. Is not nullable.
buckets_in_use_countintNumber of buckets that are currently being used. Is not nullable.
buckets_min_lengthintMinimum number of cache entries in a bucket. Is not nullable.
buckets_max_lengthintMaximum number of cache entries in a bucket. Is not nullable.
buckets_avg_lengthintAverage number of cache entries in each bucket. Is not nullable.
buckets_max_length_everintMaximum number of cached entries in a hash bucket for this hash table since the server was started. Is not nullable.
hits_countbigintNumber of cache hits. Is not nullable.
misses_countbigintNumber of cache misses. Is not nullable.
buckets_avg_scan_hit_lengthintAverage number of examined entries in a bucket before the searched for an item was found. Is not nullable.
buckets_avg_scan_miss_lengthintAverage number of examined entries in a bucket before the search ended unsuccessfully. Is not nullable.
pdw_node_idintThe identifier for the node that this distribution is on.

 Applies to: Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Parallel Data Warehouse

Requires VIEW SERVER STATE permission on the server.

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