Detach Database (General Page)

Use this page to detach a user database.

To use SQL Server Management Studio to detach a database


When you detach a database by using SQL Server Management Studio, you can generate the corresponding Transact-SQL sp_detach_db script by clicking the Script button and then selecting a destination for the script.

Databases to detach

Lists the databases to detach.

Database Name

Displays the name of the database to be detached.

Drop Connections

Disconnect connections to the specified database.


You cannot detach a database with active connections.

Update Statistics

Update out-of-date optimization statistics before detaching the database.

Keep Full-Text Catalogs

Retains any full-text catalogs that are associated with the database.

This option appears only when you are upgrading a database to SQL Server 2008. 


Displays one of the following states: Ready or Not ready.


The Message column may display information about the database, as follows:

  • When a database is involved with replication, the Status is Not ready and the Message column displays Database replicated.

  • When a database has one or more active connections, the Status is Not ready and the Message column displays <number_of_active_connections> Active connection(s) — for example: 1 Active connection(s). Before you can detach the database, you need to disconnect any active connections by selecting Drop Connections.

To obtain more information about a message, click the hyperlinked text to open Activity Monitor.

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