sys.dm_repl_schemas (Transact-SQL)


Updated: June 10, 2016

THIS TOPIC APPLIES TO:yesSQL Server (starting with 2008)noAzure SQL DatabasenoAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

Returns information about table columns published by replication.

Column nameData typeDescription
artcache_schema_addressvarbinary(8)In-memory address of the cached schema structure for the published table article.
tabidbigintID of the replicated table.
indexidsmallintID of a clustered index on the published table.
idSchbigintID of the table schema.
tabschemanvarchar(510)Name of the table schema.
ccTabschemasmallintCharacter length of the table schema.
tabnamenvarchar(510)Name of the published table.
ccTabnamesmallintCharacter length of the published table name.
rowsetid_deletebigintID of the deleted row.
rowsetid_insertbigintID of the inserted row.
num_pk_colsintNumber of primary key columns.
pciteebinary(8000)Pointer to the query expression structure used to evaluate computed column.
re_numtextcolsintNumber of binary large object columns in the replicated table.
re_schema_lsn_beginbinary(8000)Beginning log sequence number (LSN) of schema version logging.
re_schema_lsn_endbinary(8000)Ending LSN of schema version logging.
re_numcolsintNumber of columns published.
re_colidintColumn identifier at the Publisher.
re_awcNamenvarchar(510)Name of the published column.
re_ccNamesmallintNumber of characters in the column name.
re_pktinyintWhether the published column is part of a primary key.
re_uniquetinyintWhether the published column is part of a unique index.
re_maxlensmallintMaximum length of the published column.
re_prectinyintPrecision of the published column.
re_scaletinyintScale of the published column.
re_collatidbigintCollation ID for published column.
re_xvtypesmallintType of the published column.
re_offsetsmallintOffset of the published column.
re_bitpostinyintBit position of the published column, in the byte vector.
re_fNullabletinyintSpecifies whether the published column supports NULL values.
re_fAnsiTrimtinyintSpecifies whether ANSI trim is used on the published column.
re_computedsmallintSpecifies whether the published column is a computed column.
se_rowsetidbigintID of the rowset.
se_schema_lsn_beginbinary(8000)Beginning LSN of schema version logging.
se_schema_lsn_endbinary(8000)Ending LSN of schema version logging.
se_numcolsintNumber of columns.
se_colidintID of the column at the Subscriber.
se_maxlensmallintMaximum length of the column.
se_prectinyintPrecision of the column.
se_scaletinyintScale of the column.
se_collatidbigintCollation ID for column.
se_xvtypesmallintType of the column.
se_offsetsmallintOffset of the column.
se_bitpostinyintBit position of the column, in the byte vector.
se_fNullabletinyintSpecifies whether the column supports NULL values.
se_fAnsiTrimtinyintSpecifies whether ANSI trim is used on the column.
se_computedsmallintSpecifies whether the columnis a computed column.
se_nullBitInLeafRowsintSpecifies whether the column value is NULL.

Requires VIEW DATABASE STATE permission on the publication database to call dm_repl_schemas.

Information is only returned for replicated database objects that are currently loaded in the replication article cache.

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