Embedded Images Dialog Box

SQL Server 2008 R2

Use the Embedded Images dialog box to embed images in a report. These images can then be used in an image report item or as a background image.


Add a new image to the report.


Remove the selected image from the report.


Displays a graphical representation of the image. To add a new image, click the cell in the Image column at the end of the list, and then click the Image Builder (...) button.


Displays the name that is used to reference the image in the report. This name is derived from the file name when the image is imported. To change the name, click the name, and then type a new name.


Displays the MIME type of the image. This is detected when the image is imported. To change the MIME type, click the MIME type, and then select a new MIME type. This setting is only available when you are using a database field that contains images.

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