Subreport Properties Dialog Box, General

Select General on the Subreport Properties dialog box to change general options for the selected subreport.


Type a name for the subreport item. The name must be unique within the report. By default, a general name, such as Subreport1 or Subreport2, is assigned.

Use this report as a subreport

Specify the report to include as a subreport.

For a report published to a report server configured for native mode, use a full or relative path without the file extension. For example, http://server1/Folder3/Report2.

For a report published to a report server configured in SharePoint integrated mode, use a fully qualified URL including the file extension. Relative paths are not supported. For example, http://<SharePointservername>/<site>/Documents/Report1.rdl.

Omit border on page break

Select this option to prevent a border from being rendered when the subreport spans more than one page.

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