Automating Administrative Tasks (SQL Server Agent)

Microsoft SQL Server allows you to automate administrative tasks. To automate administration, you define predictable administrative tasks and then specify the conditions under which each task occurs. Using automated administration to handle routine tasks and events frees your time to perform other administrative functions.

Topic Description

About SQL Server Agent

Contains information that introduces SQL Server Agent and how you can use it.

Components of Automatic Administration

Contains information about jobs, schedules, alerts, and operators.

Security for SQL Server Agent Administration

Contains information about how SQL Server Agent uses roles, subsystems, and proxies to enforce security for automatic administration.

Tools for Automating Administration

Contains information about how SQL Server Management Studio and the Maintenance Plan Wizard can be used to automate administration.

SQL Server Agent

Contains information specifically about SQL Server Agent and how to use it to automate administration.

Implementing SQL Server Agent Security

Contains information about implementing SQL Server Agent security.

Implementing Jobs

Contains information about creating, modifying, and viewing SQL Server Agent jobs.

Monitoring and Responding to Events

Contains information about what events SQL Server Agent can monitor and how it can respond.

Automating Administration Across an Enterprise

Contains information about using a master server and multiple target servers to automate multiserver administration.

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