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Value Element (XMLA)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

Contains the desired value of an Attribute element to be added by an Insert command, or a Cell element to be updated by an UpdateCells command.

<Attribute> <!-- or Cell --!>



Data type and length


Default value



1-1: Required element that occurs once and only once.



Parent elements

Attribute, Cell

Child elements


For Attribute elements, the Value element contains the desired value that the member should contain after the Insert command is committed. For more information about inserting members, see Inserting, Updating, and Dropping Members (XMLA).

For Cell elements, the Value element contains the desired value that the cell should contain after the UpdateCells command is committed. The actual value stored in the writeback table for that cell is the difference between the original value of the cell and the desired value of the cell.

The data type used by this element should match the data type of the cell to be updated.

For more information about updating cells, see Updating Cells (XMLA).

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