Database Properties (Filegroups Page)

Use this page to view the filegroups or add a new filegroup to the selected database. Filegroup types are separated into row filegroups and FILESTREAM data filegroups. Row filegroups contain regular data and log files. FILESTREAM data filegroups contain FILESTREAM data files. These data files store information about how binary large object (BLOB) data is stored on the file system when you are using FILESTREAM storage. The options are the same for both types of filegroups.

If FILESTREAM is not enabled, the Filestream section will not be available. You can enable FILESTREAM storage by using Server Properties (Advanced Page).

For information about how SQL Server uses row filegroups, see Understanding Files and Filegroups and Designing Files and Filegroups. For more information about FILESTREAM data and filegroups, see Getting Started with FILESTREAM Storage.


Enter the name of the filegroup.


Displays the count of files in the filegroup.


Select to set the filegroup to a read-only status.


Select to make this filegroup the default filegroup. You can have one default filegroup for rows and one default filegroup for FILESTREAM data.


Adds a new blank row to the grid listing filegroups for the database.


Removes the selected filegroup row from the grid.

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