Chart Tab (Mining Model Viewers)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

Use the Chart pane to display the historical data used in training a time series model, together with the predicted values. The vertical axis of the chart represents the value of the series, and the horizontal axis represents time. Future predictions are represented by a dotted line.

For More Information: Microsoft Time Series Algorithm, Browse a Model Using the Microsoft Time Series Viewer

Refresh viewer content
Reload the mining model in the viewer.

Mining Model
Choose a mining model, from those in the current mining structure. The mining model will open in its associated viewer.

Choose a viewer to explore the selected mining model. You can use the custom viewer for time series models, or the Microsoft Mining Content Viewer. You can also use plug-in viewers if available.

Zoom In
Zoom in to the chart.

Zoom Out
Zoom out from the chart.

Scale diagram to fit window
Zoom out from the chart until the whole chart fits within the screen.

Switch between two chart views: in the default view numbers are graphed relative to the overall distribution (as percentage). If you click Abs, the numbers are graphed as absolute values.

Copy the charts to the clipboard
Copy the complete chart to the clipboard.

Show Deviations
Select this option to add error bars to the graph. Error bars represent the variance of the predictions and therefore appear only on the predicted values.

Prediction steps
Choose how many future time steps you want to see in the viewer.

Series selection
Open a dialog box from which you can select series to include in the viewer.

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