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Cluster Characteristics Tab (Mining Model Viewer)


The Cluster Characteristics tab lets you explore the characteristics of a cluster in a clustering model, or the set of all cases in the model. The graph shows the importance of each attribute-value pair as a characteristic that defines the cluster, in comparison with other clusters.

For More Information: Microsoft Clustering Algorithm, Browse a Model Using the Microsoft Cluster Viewer

Refresh viewer content

Reload the mining model in the viewer.

Mining Model

Choose a mining model from those in the current mining structure. The mining model will open in the custom viewer.


Choose a viewer to use to explore the selected mining model. You can use the custom viewer associated with this model type, or the Microsoft Mining Content Viewer. You can also use any plug-in viewers that are available.


Choose the cluster you want to view, or choose Population (All) to see the distribution of attributes for the model as a whole.

Characteristics for <cluster>

The graph contains the following columns, which describe the characteristics of the selected cluster.




Lists the attributes from the mining model that are found in the selected cluster.


Lists the values of the current attributes that are found in the currently selected cluster.


The bar indicates the strength of the attribute-value pair as a distinguishing feature of this cluster. If you hover the mouse over the bar, you can see the probability value, represented as a percentage. What this indicates is, given this attribute and value combination in any particular case, what is the probability that the case would belong in this cluster.

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