Term Extraction Transformation Editor (Advanced Tab)

Use the Advanced tab of the Term Extraction Transformation Editor dialog box to specify properties for the extraction such as frequency, length, and whether to extract words or phrases.

To learn more about the Term Extraction transformation, see Term Extraction Transformation.


Specify that the transformation extracts individual nouns only.

Noun phrase

Specify that the transformation extracts noun phrases only.

Noun and noun phrase

Specify that the transformation extracts both nouns and noun phrases.


Specify that the score is the frequency of the term.


Specify that the score is the TFIDF value of the term. The TFIDF score is the product of Term Frequency and Inverse Document Frequency, defined as: TFIDF of a Term T = (frequency of T) * log( (#rows in Input) / (#rows having T) )

Frequency threshold

Specify the number of times a word or phrase must occur before extracting it. The default value is 2.

Maximum length of term

Specify the maximum length of a phrase in words. This option affects noun phrases only. The default value is 12.

Use case-sensitive term extraction

Specify whether to make the extraction case-sensitive. The default is False.

Configure Error Output

Use the Configure Error Output dialog box to specify error handling for rows that cause errors.

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