Event Handlers Tab

Use the Event Handlers tab of SSIS Designer to build a control flow in an Integration Services package. An event handler runs in response to an event raised by the package or by a task or container in the package.


Select the executable for which you want to build an event handler. The executable can be the package, or a task or containers in the package.

Event handler

Select a type of event handler. Create the event handler by dragging items from the Toolbox.


Select an event handler, and remove it from the package by clicking Delete.

Click here to create an <event handler name> for the executable <executable name>

Click to create the event handler.

Create the control flow by dragging graphical objects that represent SSIS tasks and containers from the Toolbox to the design surface of the Event Handlers tab, and then connecting the objects by using precedence constraints to define the sequence in which they run.

Additionally, to add annotations, right-click the design surface, and then on the menu, click Add Annotation.

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