IHpublishercolumns (Transact-SQL)


Applies To: SQL Server

The IHpublishercolumns system table represents metadata stored at the publisher. This table contains one row for each column replicated from non-SQL Server Publishers using the current Distributor. Data type information in IHpublishercolumns is specific to the non-SQL Server database management system (DBMS) from which the data is published. This table is stored in the distribution database.

Column nameData typeDescription
publishercolumn_idintIdentifies a published column.
table_idintIdentifies the source table from IHpublishertables to which the column belongs.
publisher_idsmallintIdentifies the non-SQL Server Publisher from which the column is being published.
namesysnameThe name of the published column.
column_ordinalintIdentifies the column by order.
typevarchar(255)The column data type of the source column at Publisher.
lengthbigintThe length of the source column at Publisher.
precintThe precision of the source column at Publisher.
scaleintThe scale of the source column at Publisher.
isnullablebitIndicates whether the column accepts NULL values, where 1 means that NULL values are accepted.
iscapturedbitIndicates whether a trigger exists on the column, which may exist even if the column in not published in an article. A value of 1 means that the trigger exists on the column.

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