Backup and Restore Considerations for Related Features

The topics in this section describe the operation of other features with regard to backup and restore in Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

File Restore and Database Startup

Discusses how to manage a file that is preventing a database from starting.

Online Restore and Disabled Indexes

Contains information about how to restore an offline file to a database in order to enable a disabled index.

Database Mirroring and Backup and Restore

Discusses how backup and restore is affected by and affects database mirroring.

File Backup and Restore and Full-Text Catalogs

Discusses how backup and restore affects full-text indexes.

File Backup and Restore and Compression

Discusses how restore works with a read-only filegroup that is compressed by using NTFS file system data compression.

Backing up and restoring databases or files that are involved in replication includes additional considerations. For more information, see Backing Up and Restoring Replicated Databases.