SQL Server 2012

Signs text with a certificate and returns the signature.

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SignByCert ( certificate_ID , @cleartext [ , 'password' ] )


Is the ID of a certificate in the current database. certificate_ID is int.


Is a variable of type nvarchar, char, varchar, or nchar that contains data that will be signed.

' password '

Is the password with which the certificate's private key was encrypted. password is nvarchar(128).

varbinary with a maximum size of 8,000 bytes.

Requires CONTROL permission on the certificate.

The following example signs the text in @SensitiveData with certificate ABerglundCert07, having first decrypted the certificate with password "pGFD4bb925DGvbd2439587y". It then inserts the cleartext and the signature in table SignedData04.

DECLARE @SensitiveData nvarchar(max);
SET @SensitiveData = N'Saddle Price Points are 
    2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29';
INSERT INTO [SignedData04]
    VALUES( N'data signed by certificate ''ABerglundCert07''',
    @SensitiveData, SignByCert( Cert_Id( 'ABerglundCert07' ), 
    @SensitiveData, N'pGFD4bb925DGvbd2439587y' ));