sys.fn_helpcollations (Transact-SQL)

SQL Server 2012

Returns a list of all the collations supported by SQL Server 2012.

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fn_helpcollations ()

fn_helpcollations returns the following information.

Column name

Data type




Standard collation name



Description of the collation

SQL Server supports Windows collations. SQL Server also supports a limited number (<80) of collations called SQL Server collations which were developed before SQL Server supported Windows collations. SQL Server collations are still supported for backward compatibility, but should not be used for new development work. For more information about Windows collations, see Windows Collation Name (Transact-SQL). For more information about collations, see Collation and Unicode Support.

The following example returns all collation names starting with the letter L and that are binary sort collations.

SELECT Name, Description FROM fn_helpcollations()
WHERE Name like 'L%' AND Description LIKE '% binary sort';

Here is the result set.

Name                   Description

-------------------    ------------------------------------

Lao_100_BIN            Lao-100, binary sort

Latin1_General_BIN     Latin1-General, binary sort

Latin1_General_100_BIN Latin1-General-100, binary sort

Latvian_BIN            Latvian, binary sort

Latvian_100_BIN        Latvian-100, binary sort

Lithuanian_BIN         Lithuanian, binary sort

Lithuanian_100_BIN     Lithuanian-100, binary sort

(7 row(s) affected)