Migrating the Packages (DTS Package Migration Wizard)

Use the Migrating the Packages page to view the progress of package migration and to interrupt the migration if necessary. The Package Migration Wizard migrates selected packages one by one. If the wizard cannot migrate a package, you can end the migration for all remaining packages, retry the migration, or skip the package and continue the migration with the next package in the list.


After migrating packages from within Management Studio, connect to the local instance of Integration Services in Object Explorer to see the migrated packages. If you selected SQL Server as the destination, the migrated packages will be visible under the MSDB node. If you selected a file system folder as the destination, you can right-click the File System node and select Import Package to display the migrated packages. After migrating packages from within BI Development Studio, the migrated packages are saved to the file system folder that you specified and added to the open project under the SSIS Packages node.

Message pane

Displays progress messages and summary information when migration is finished.


View the actions in the migration.


View the result of each action.


View the error messages that each action generates.


Interrupt the package migration.


View, save, copy to the Clipboard, or send by e-mail a report that contains the results of the package migration.