MSsubscriptions (Transact-SQL)


Applies To: SQL Server

The MSsubscriptions table contains one row for each published article in a subscription serviced by the local Distributor. This table is stored in the distribution database.

Column nameData typeDescription
publisher_database_idintThe ID of the Publisher database.
publisher_idsmallintThe ID of the Publisher.
publisher_dbsysnameThe name of the Publisher database.
publication_idintThe ID of the publication.
article_idintThe ID of the article.
subscriber_idsmallintThe ID of the Subscriber.
subscriber_dbsysnameThe name of the subscription database.
subscription_typeintThe type of subscription:

 0 = Push.

 1 = Pull.

 2 = Anonymous.
sync_typetinyintThe type of synchronization:

 1 = Automatic.

 2 = No synchronization.
statustinyintThe status of the subscription:

 0 = Inactive.

 1 = Subscribed.

 2 = Active.
subscription_seqnovarbinary(16)The snapshot transaction sequence number.
snapshot_seqno_flagbitIndicates the source of the snapshot transaction sequence number, where a value of 1 means that subscription_seqno is the snapshot sequence number.
independent_agentbitIndicates whether there is a stand-alone Distribution Agent for this publication.
subscription_timedatetimeInternal use only.
loopback_detectionbitApplies to subscriptions that are part of a bidirectional transactional replication topology. Loopback detection determines whether the Distribution Agent sends transactions originated at the Subscriber back to the Subscriber:

 1 = Does not send back.

 0 = Sends back.

Note: This column is supported only for backward compatibility with the bi-directional replication functionality in SQL Server 2000. For later versions of SQL Server, peer-to-peer replication should be used instead. For more information, see Peer-to-Peer Transactional Replication.
agent_idintThe ID of the agent.
update_modetinyintThe type of update.
publisher_seqnovarbinary(16)The sequence number of the transaction at the Publisher for this subscription.
ss_cplt_seqnovarbinary(16)The sequence number used to signify the completion of the concurrent snapshot processing.

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