Fuzzy Lookup Transformation Editor (Columns Tab)

Use the Columns tab of the Fuzzy Lookup Transformation Editor dialog box to set properties for input and output columns.

To learn more about the Fuzzy Lookup transformation, see Fuzzy Lookup Transformation.

Available Input Columns

Drag input columns to connect them to available lookup columns. These columns must have matching, supported data types. Select a mapping line and right-click to edit the mappings in the Create Relationships dialog box.


View the names of the available input columns.

Pass Through

Specify whether to include the input columns in the output of the transformation.

Available Lookup Columns

Use the check boxes to select columns on which to perform fuzzy lookup operations.

Lookup Column

Select lookup columns from the list of available reference table columns. Your selections are reflected in the check box selections in the Available Lookup Columns table. Selecting a column in the Available Lookup Columns table creates an output column that contains the reference table column value for each matching row returned.

Output Alias

Type an alias for the output for each lookup column. The default is the name of the lookup column with a numeric index value appended; however, you can choose any unique, descriptive name.