sys.computed_columns (Transact-SQL)

Updated: 17 July 2006

Contains a row for each column found in sys.columns that is a computed-column.

Column name Data type Description

<Inherited columns>


For a list of columns that this view inherits, see sys.columns (Transact-SQL).



SQL text that defines this computed-column.

SQL Server 2005 differs from SQL Server 2000 in the way it decodes and stores SQL expressions in the catalog metadata. The semantics of the decoded expression are equivalent to the original text; however, there are no syntactic guarantees. For example, white spaces are removed from the decoded expression. For more information, see Behavior Changes to Database Engine Features in SQL Server 2005.



1 = The column definition depends on the default collation of the database for correct evaluation; otherwise, 0. Such a dependency prevents changing the database default collation.



Computed column is persisted.

Release History

17 July 2006

New content:
  • In the definition column, added content about how SQL expressions are stored in SQL Server 2005.

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