Text Box Properties Dialog Box, Interactive Sorting

Select Interactive Sorting on the Text Box Properties dialog boxto define interactive sort options for the selected text box.

Enable interactive sort on this text box

Select this option to provide end-user sorting on a published report. This puts up and down arrows on this text box. When clicked, a sort action is performed on the data specified by the Sort this data selection.

Detail rows

Choose this option to enable sorting on the innermost group of the scope that the text box is within. .


Select to specify the group to which the interactive sort applies.

Sort by

Specify the sort value. For example, an Employee Name column might be sorted by last name or by employee ID number. You can select a field from the drop-down list or click the Expression (fx) button to type an expression.

Apply this sorting to all groups and data regions in

Choose this option when you want to apply the sort options you selected to a report dataset.

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