Manage Jobs Page (Report Manager)

Use the Manage Jobs page to view or cancel in-progress reports and subscriptions. A process must be running at least 60 seconds before it appears on this page.

After you open the page, you must click the Refresh button on the browser to see whether any new processes are underway. You must also click Refresh to view updated information about Status, Processed, and Action.

You can manage both user jobs and system jobs. A user job is any job that is initiated by an individual user. This includes running a report on-demand, generating a report history snapshot, or creating a nonscheduled report execution snapshot. An in-progress standard subscription is also a user job. A system job is one that is initiated by the report server. System jobs include scheduled report processing and data-driven subscriptions.

To open this page, on the Site Settings page, click Manage Jobs.

This feature is not supported in SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services. The page does not appear when you are running the Express edition.


Click Cancel to stop a report or subscription process. Before clicking Cancel, select the check box next to the item you want to cancel.

Show System Jobs

Includes both system jobs and user jobs in the list.

Hide System Jobs

Includes only user jobs in the list.


Indicates whether the process is a report or a subscription.


Shows the name of the report. Subscriptions are identified by their descriptions.

Computer Name

Shows the name of the computer that is running the process.

User Name

For processes initiated by a user, this column shows the name of the user.


For reports, this column shows which report execution processes are underway. Values include Render, which indicates an on-demand report, Snapshot Creation, which indicates a system or user-initiated report execution snapshot process, and Report History Creation, which indicates scheduled or user-initiated report history generation.

Start Time

Shows when the process started.


For data-driven subscription, this column shows the number of reports processed and delivered.


Shows the status of the job.

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