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Select Catalog, Index Filegroup, and Stoplist (Full-Text Indexing Wizard)

To start the Full-Text Indexing Wizard

Select full-text catalog

Select a full-text catalog from the list. The default catalog for the database will be the selected item by default in the list. If no catalogs are available, the list will be disabled, and the Create a new catalog checkbox will be checked and disabled.

Create a new catalog

Select to create a new full-text catalog.


Enter a name for the new full-text catalog.

Set as default catalog

Select to make the catalog the default for this database.

Accent sensitivity

Specify whether the new catalog will be accent-sensitive or accent-insensitive. If the database is accent-sensitive, Sensitive will be selected by default.

Select index filegroup

Specify the filegroup on which to create the full-text index.

Select one of the following values:




If the table or view is not partitioned, select to use the same filegroup as the underlying table or view. If the table or view is partitioned, the primary filegroup is used.


Select to use the primary filegroup for the new full-text index.

user-specified default filegroup

If a user-defined default stoplist exists, select its name from the list to use that filegroup for the new full-text index.

Select full-text stoplist

Specify a stoplist to use for the full-text index, or disable stoplist use.

In SQL Server 2008 and later versions, stopwords are managed in databases using objects called stoplists. A stoplist is a list of stopwords that, when associated with a full-text index, is applied to full-text queries on that index. For more information, see Stopwords and Stoplists.

Select one of the following values:




Select to use the system stoplist on the new full-text index. This is the default


Select to disable stoplists for the new full-text index.


The list displays the name of each user-defined stoplist, if any, that has been created on the database. Select any user-defined stoplist to use for the new full-text index.

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