Writing Client Applications

The topics in this section provide information to help you write client applications that send SOAP requests to an instance of SQL Server 2005. The client can be any client that can send and process SOAP messages.

Topic Description

Writing a Visual Studio 2005 Client Application

Discusses the steps that you must follow to create a SOAP client application in Visual Studio 2005 to send SOAP requests and process responses.

Sample Applications for Sending Native XML Web Services Requests

Provides working samples to illustrate how SOAP requests are sent and responses are processed. These samples include a Visual Studio .NET client, both in C# and Visual Basic, and require a common setup.

Specifying Non-Kerberos Authentication in Visual Studio Projects

Provides details about how to modify a Visual Studio 2005 project so that a Web services client application will request an authentication scheme other than Kerberos when Integrated authentication is selected as the authentication type on the server.

Working with the xml Data Type in Visual Studio Client Applications

Discusses special considerations to know about when you work with the xml data type and SOAP client applications that are developed to use Native XML Web Services in SQL Server 2005.

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