sys.soap_endpoints (Transact-SQL)


Updated: June 10, 2016

THIS TOPIC APPLIES TO:yesSQL Server (starting with 2008)noAzure SQL DatabasenoAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

This feature will be removed in a future version of Microsoft SQL Server. Avoid using this feature in new development work, and plan to modify applications that currently use this feature.

Contains one row for each endpoint in the server that carries a SOAP-type payload. For every row in this view, there is a corresponding row with the same endpoint_id in the sys.http_endpoints catalog view that carries the HTTP configuration metadata.

Column nameData typeDescription
< inherited columns>For a list of columns that this view inherits, see sys.endpoints (Transact-SQL).
is_sql_language_enabledbit1 = BATCHES = ENABLED option was specified, meaning that ad-hoc SQL batches are allowed on the endpoint.
wsdl_generator_procedurenvarchar(776)The three-part name of the stored procedure that implements this method.

Names of methods require strict three-part syntax. one, two, or four-part names are not allowed.
default_databasesysnameThe name of the default database given in the DATABASE = option.

NULL = DEFAULT was specified.
default_namespacenvarchar(384)The default namespace specified in the NAMESPACE = option, or '' if DEFAULT was specified instead.
default_result_schematinyintThe default value of the SCHEMA = option.

0 = NONE

default_result_schema_descnvarchar(60)Description of the default value of the SCHEMA = option.


is_xml_charset_enforcedbit0 = CHARACTER_SET = SQL option was specified.

1 = CHARACTER_SET = XML option was specified.
is_session_enabledbit0 = SESSION = DISABLE option was specified.

1 = SESSION = ENABLED option was specified.
session_timeoutintValue specified in SESSION_TIMEOUT = option.
login_typenvarchar(60)Kind of authentication allowed on this endpoint.


header_limitintMaximum allowable size of the SOAP header.

The visibility of the metadata in catalog views is limited to securables that a user either owns or on which the user has been granted some permission. For more information, see Metadata Visibility Configuration.

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