sysmergesubsetfilters (Transact-SQL)


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Contains join filter information for partitioned articles. This table is stored in the publication and subscription databases.

Column nameData typeDescription
filternamesysnameThe name of the filter used to create the article.
join_filteridintThe ID of the object representing the join filter.
pubiduniqueidentifierThe ID of the publication.
artiduniqueidentifierThe ID of the article.
art_nicknameintThe nickname of the article.
join_articlenamesysnameThe name of the table to join to determine whether the row belongs.
join_nicknameintThe nickname of the table to join to determine whether the row belongs.
join_unique_keyintIndicates a join on a unique key of join_tablename:

0 = Not a unique key.

1 = A unique key.
expand_procsysnameThe name of the stored procedure used by the Merge Agent to identify the rows that need to be sent or removed from a Subscriber.
join_filterclausenvarchar(1000)The filter clause used for the join.
filter_typetinyintSpecifies the filter type, which can be one of the following:

1 = Join filter.

2 = Logical record link.

3 = Both a join filter and a logical record link.

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