SQL Server, General Statistics Object


The SQLServer:General Statistics object in SQL Server provides counters to monitor general server-wide activity, such as the number of current connections and the number of users connecting and disconnecting per second from computers running an instance of SQL Server. This can be useful when you are working on large online transaction processing (OLTP) type systems where there are many clients connecting and disconnecting from an instance of SQL Server.

This table describes the SQL Server General Statistics counters.

SQL Server General Statistics countersDescription
Active Temp TablesNumber of temporary tables/table variables in use.
Connection resets/secTotal number of logins started from the connection pool.
Event Notifications Delayed DropNumber of event notifications waiting to be dropped by a system thread.
HTTP Authenticated RequestsNumber of authenticated HTTP requests started per second.
Logical ConnectionsNumber of logical connections to the system.

The main purpose of logical connections is to service multiple active result sets (MARS) requests. For MARS requests, every time that an application makes a connection to SQL Server, there may be more than one logical connection that corresponds to a physical connection.

When MARS is not used, the ratio between physical and logical connections is 1:1. Therefore, every time that an application makes a connection to SQL Server, logical connections will increase by 1.
Logins/secTotal number of logins started per second. This does not include pooled connections.
Logouts/secTotal number of logout operations started per second.
Mars DeadlocksNumber of MARS deadlocks detected.
Non-atomic yield rateNumber of non-atomic yields per second.
Processes blockedNumber of currently blocked processes.
SOAP Empty RequestsNumber of empty SOAP requests started per second.
SOAP Method InvocationsNumber of SOAP method invocations started per second.
SOAP Session Initiate RequestsNumber of SOAP Session initiate requests started per second.
SOAP Session Terminate RequestsNumber of SOAP Session terminate requests started per second.
SOAP SQL RequestsNumber of SOAP SQL requests started per second.
SOAP WSDL RequestsNumber of SOAP Web Service Description Language requests started per second.
Temp Tables Creation RateNumber of temporary tables/table variables created per second.
Temp Tables For DestructionNumber of temporary tables/table variables waiting to be destroyed by the cleanup system thread.
Trace Event Notifications QueueNumber of trace event notification instances waiting in the internal queue to be sent through Service Broker.
TransactionsNumber of transaction enlistments (local, DTC, bound all combined).
User ConnectionsCounts the number of users currently connected to SQL Server.

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