FT:Crawl Stopped Event Class


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

The :Crawl Stopped event class indicates that a full-text crawl (population) has stopped. The stop can be due to a successfully completed crawl or a fatal error.

Data column nameData typeDescriptionColumn IDFilterable
DatabaseIDintID of the database in which the full-text crawl has stopped. Determine the value for a database by using the DB_ID function.3Yes
EventClassintType of event = 156.27No
EventSequenceintSequence of a given event within the request.51No
IsSystemintIndicates whether the event occurred on a system process or a user process. 1 = system, 0 = user.60Yes
ObjectIDintSystem-assigned ID of the object. The full-text crawl has stopped for the full-text index on this object.22Yes
SessionLoginNamenvarcharLogin name of the user who originated the session. For example, if you connect to SQL Server using Login1 and execute a statement as Login2, SessionLoginName shows Login1 and LoginName shows Login2. This column displays both SQL Server and Microsoft Windows logins.64Yes
SPIDintID of the session on which the event occurred.12Yes
StartTimedatetimeTime at which the event started, if available.14Yes
TransactionIDbigintSystem-assigned ID of the transaction.4Yes

sp_trace_setevent (Transact-SQL)

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