SQL Trace Terminology

The following terms describe the key concepts of SQL Trace.


The occurrence of an action within an instance of the Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine.

Data column

An attribute of an event.

Event class

A type of event that can be traced. The event class contains all of the data columns that can be reported by an event.

Event category

A group of related event classes.

Trace (noun)

A collection of events and data returned by the Database Engine.

Trace (verb)

To collect and monitor events in an instance of SQL Server.


A collection of event classes, data columns and filters that identify the types of events to be collected during a trace.


Criteria that limit the events that are collected in a trace.

Trace file

A file created when a trace is saved.


In SQL Server Profiler, a file that defines the event classes and data columns to be collected in a trace.

Trace table

In SQL Server Profiler, a table that is created when a trace is saved to a table.

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