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Server.EnumDatabaseMirrorWitnessRoles Method (String)


Enumerates a list of mirror witness roles for the specified database.

Namespace:   Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo (in Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo.dll)

public DataTable EnumDatabaseMirrorWitnessRoles(
	string database


Type: System.String

A String value that specifies database for which to return mirror witness roles information.

Return Value

Type: System.Data.DataTable

A DataTable object value that contains the database mirror witness role information.


Server srv = new Server("(local)");

DataTable d = srv.EnumDatabaseMirrorWitnessRoles("AdventureWorks2012");
foreach (DataRow r in d.Rows)
   foreach(DataColumn c in d.Columns)
      Console.WriteLine(c.ColumnName + " = " + r[c].ToString());


$srv = new-Object Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.Server("(local)")

$d = new-object System.Data.Datatable
$d = $srv.EnumDatabaseMirrorWitnessRoles("AdventureWorks2012")

Foreach ($r in $d.Rows)
   Write-Host "============================================"
   Foreach ($c in $d.Columns)
      Write-Host $c.ColumnName "=" $r[$c]
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