Upgrading dtsrun Command Lines

New: 5 December 2005

The SQL Server 2000 dtsrun.exe command prompt utility has been replaced in SQL Server 2005 by dtexec.exe.

Similarly, the SQL Server 2000 dtsrunui.exe utility that helps build command lines visually has been replaced in SQL Server 2005 by dtexecui.exe.

If you want to convert your dtsrun command lines by mapping each command prompt option to the corresponding dtexec option, see dtsrun to dtexec Command Option Mapping.

  • Some dtsrun command-line options have direct dtexec equivalents, such as the options for providing a server name or package name, or for setting the value of a variable.
  • Some dtsrun command-line options do not have direct dtexec equivalents, such as the option to specify a trusted connection, which is now the implicit default, or the option to load from the Repository, which is no longer supported.
  • There are some new dtexec command-line options that support new features in SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS), such as the options to pass in connection strings and to manage checkpoints.

If you want to create new command lines visually with the assistance of a user interface, use the dtexecui tool, which displays all the available options and ensures the use of the correct syntax.

For more information about the dtexec command options and examples of dtexec syntax, see dtexec Utility.

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