Diagnosing Problems with the JDBC Driver


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No matter how well an application is designed and developed, problems will inevitably occur. When they do, it is important to have some techniques for diagnosing those problems. When using the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server, some common problems that can occur are not having the right driver version or being unable to connect to a database.

The topics in this section discuss a number of techniques for diagnosing these and other problems including error handling, checking the driver version, tracing, and troubleshooting connectivity issues.

Handling ErrorsDescribes how to handle errors that are returned from SQL Server.
Getting the Driver VersionDescribes how to determine which version of the JDBC driver is installed.
Tracing Driver OperationDescribes how to enable tracing when using the JDBC driver.
Troubleshooting ConnectivityDescribes how to troubleshoot database connectivity.
Accessing Diagnostic Information in the Extended Events LogDescribes how to use information in the server's extended events log to understand connection failures.

Overview of the JDBC Driver

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