IHttpRequest Interface

IIS 7.0

Provides an interface to an HTTP request object. You can use the methods in the IHttpRequest interface to retrieve and modify data in the current HTTP request.

class IHttpRequest  

The following table lists the methods exposed by the IHttpRequest interface.

DeleteHeaderDeletes an HTTP header from the request.
GetClientCertificateRetrieves the client certificate associated with the request.
GetForwardedUrlReturns the forwarded URL.
GetHeaderReturns the value of a specified HTTP header.
GetHeaderChangesRetrieves the changes to the server headers for the current request.
GetHttpMethodReturns the HTTP method for the current request.
GetHttpVersionReturns the HTTP version for the request.
GetLocalAddressReturns the address of the local interface for the current request.
GetRawHttpRequestReturns a structure that contains the raw HTTP request.
GetRemainingEntityBytesReturns the number of remaining bytes to be read from the client.
GetRemoteAddressReturns the remote address of the client's interface for the current request.
GetSiteIdRetrieves the site ID for the current HTTP request.
GetUrlChangedDetermines whether the request URL has been modified.
NegotiateClientCertificateInitiates client certificate negotiation with a Web client.
ReadEntityBodyReturns the HTTP request entity body.
SetEntityBodyReplaces the existing HTTP request body with new data.
SetHeaderSets or appends the value of a specified HTTP request header.
SetHttpMethodSets the HTTP method for the request.
SetUrlModifies the request URL.
IHttpRequest2Provides an interface for retrieving the channel binding token (CBT) being used for request validation.

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