BizTalk 2000 - Getting Started with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000

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Getting Started with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000

A member of the Microsoft .NET Enterprise Server family of products, Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000 unites, in a single product, enterprise application integration (EAI) and business-to-business (B2B) integration. BizTalk Server 2000 enables developers, IT professionals, and business analysts to easily build dynamic business processes that span applications, platforms, and businesses over the Internet.

In addition to BizTalk Server 2000, Microsoft, with industry partners, has led innovation on enabling technologies that are necessary for Internet-based business solutions, including BizTalk Framework 2.0, which is a platform-independent, Extensible Markup Language (XML) framework for application integration and electronic commerce. BizTalk Framework 2.0 is not a standard, but it builds upon existing standards, such as the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). SOAP is also a key technology in other members of the .NET product line, such as Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. BizTalk Framework 2.0 provides the basis for interoperable reliable messaging for BizTalk Server 2000.

For more information about BizTalk Framework 2.0, as well as information about BizTalk Server 2000 product resources such as community services, a large library of schemas, and white papers, go to the Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000 Web site (

This section introduces the features, services, application model, and administration model of BizTalk Server 2000. You can also find topics about using online Help and Microsoft Accessibility options. Additionally, the BizTalk Server 2000 Glossary is included. The following topics are covered in this section: