SharePoint Online and OneDrive Migration Content Roadmap

SharePoint 2013

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Applies to: OneDrive for Business

Topic Last Modified: 2015-08-07

A content roadmap to the new SharePoint Online (SPO) Migration API documentation.




SharePoint Online and OneDrive Migration User Guide

A step by step guide on how to use the SharePoint Online (SPO) Migration PowerShell cmdlets.

Use Windows PowerShell cmdlets for SharePoint Online and OneDrive Migration

SharePoint Online (SPO) Migration PowerShell cmdlet reference homepage.


Cmdlet to create a new migration package based on source files in a local or network shared folder.


Cmdlet to re-map a previously created file share based package or exported SharePoint package to accurately describe objects in a target web.


Cmdlet to create Azure containers, upload migration package files into the appropriate containers, and snapshot the uploaded content.


Cmdlet to submit a new migration job referenced to a previously uploaded package in Azure Blob storage into to a site collection.


Cmdlet to remove a previously created migration job from the specified site collection.


Cmdlet to view the progress on a submitted SPO Migration job.


Cmdlet to the view the job status on a previously submitted SPO Migration job.

The following content is for the SPO Migration API.




Site.CreateMigrationJob method

This method creates a new migration import job and queues it up for later processing by a separate timer job. The job will consume a well formed (pre-defined format) import package that is located in the Azure Blob Storage Container(s) specified in this method.

Site.DeleteMigrationJob method

This method deletes the migration job created by CreateMigrationJob.

Site.GetMigrationJobStatus method

This method queries the queue for the status of the specified migration job.