Topic Last Modified: 2017-02-24

The New-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendantCallableEntity cmdlet lets you create a callable entity.

New-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendantCallableEntity -Identity <String> -Type <User | OrganizationalAutoAttendant | HuntGroup>

This example creates a user callable entity.

$callableEntity = New-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendantCallableEntity -Identity -Type User

This example creates an organizational auto attendant callable entity.

$callableEntity = New-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendantCallableEntity -Identity "tel:+1234567890" -Type OrganizationalAutoAttendant

The New-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendantCallableEntity cmdlet lets you create a callable entity for use with call transfers from the Organizational Auto Attendant service. Callable entities can be created using either SIP or TEL URIs and can refer to any of the following entities:

  • User

  • OrganizationalAutoAttendant

  • HuntGroup


Parameter Required Type Description




The Identity parameter represents the ID of the callable entity; this can be either a SIP URI or a TEL URI.

  • Only the SIP URIs of users that have Enterprise Voice enabled are supported.

  • Only PSTN numbers that are acquired and assigned through Skype for Business Online are supported.

  • SIP URIs can be used for a user only.

  • TEL URIs can be a user, an organizational auto attendant, or a hunt group (call queue).




The Type parameter represents the type of the callable entity, which can be any of the following:

  • User

  • OrganizationalAutoAttendant

  • Huntgroup

The New-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendantCallableEntity cmdlet creates new instances of the Microsoft.Rtc.Management.Hosted.OAA.Models.CallableEntity object.