Topic Last Modified: 2017-02-24

Use the New-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendantMenuOption cmdlet to create a new menu option.

New-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendantMenuOption -Action <TransferCallToOperator | DisconnectCall | TransferCallToTarget> -DtmfResponse <Tone0 | Tone1 | Tone2 | Tone3 | Tone4 | Tone5 | Tone6 | Tone7 | Tone8 | Tone9 | Automatic>[-CallTarget <CallableEntity>] [-VoiceResponses <String[]>]

This example creates a menu option to call the operator when the 0 key is pressed.

$menuOption = New-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendantMenuOption -Action TransferCallToOperator -DtmfResponse Tone0

This example creates a menu option to transfer the call to an organizational auto attendant when the caller speaks the word "Sales" or presses the 1 key.

$troubleShootUri = ""
$troubleShootEntity = New-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendantCallableEntity -Identity $troubleShootUri -Type OrganizationalAutoAttendant
$menuOption = New-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendantMenuOption -Action TransferCallToTarget -DtmfResponse Tone1 -VoiceResponses "Sales" -CallTarget $troubleShootEntity

The New-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendantMenuOption cmdlet creates a new menu option for the Organizational Auto Attendant (OAA) service. The OAA service uses the menu options to respond to a caller with the appropriate action.


Parameter Required Type Description




The Action parameter represents the action to be taken when the menu option is activated. The Action must be set to one of the following values:

  • TransferCallToOperator - the call is transferred to the operator.

  • TransferCallToTarget - The call is transferred to the menu option’s call target.

  • DisconnectCall - The call is disconnected.




The DtmfResponse parameter indicates the key on the telephone keypad to be pressed to activate the menu option. The DtmfResponse must be set to one of the following values:

  • Tone0:Tone9 - Corresponds to DTMF tones from 0 to 9.

  • Automatic - The action is executed without user response.




The CallTarget parameter represents the target for call transfer after the menu option is selected.

CallTarget is required if the action of the menu option is TransferCallToTarget.

Use the New-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendantCallableEntity cmdlet to create new callable entities.




The VoiceResponses parameter represents the voice responses to select a menu option when Voice Responses are enabled for the organizational auto attendant.

Voice responses are currently limited to one voice response per menu option.

The New-CsOrganizationalAutoAttendantMenuOption cmdlet creates new instances of the Microsoft.Rtc.Management.Hosted.OAA.Models.MenuOption object.