Reduce the size of the channel database after synchronization [AX 2012]

Updated: April 3, 2017

If your organization has large channel databases, you may want to consider installing KB 3208173, and then configuring your environment to automatically remove unwanted master data from your database after each synchronization. You can customize the data that is removed.

To use this feature, you must download 3208173 from Dynamics Lifecycle Services and install it on the AOS, Channel database, and Async client. For instructions, see Apply updates and hotfixes.

  1. Open the Retail schedule parameters form (Retail > Setup> Retail schedule parameters).

  2. Select Remove unneeded master data from channel database.

  3. Run Commerce data exchange schedule 1110 to sync this change to the channel database.

    After the configuration has been synchronized, the Async client will remove unwanted master data from the channel database.

You can customize which data is removed by modifying the crt.STRIPMASTERDATA stored procedure in the channel database.

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