Office 365 Administration Features


Applies to: Office 365

Topic Last Modified: 2015-09-04

The following administration tools are available in Microsoft Office 365.

The Office 365 admin center can be used to set up your organization in the cloud, add users, manage domains, licenses, and much more. In this article, learn how to get to the admin center and learn about the available features and settings. To learn more, see Office 365 admin center.

To learn about the feature areas and functionality of the Office 365 portal, see Office 365 admin center.

The Azure Active Directory module for Windows PowerShell includes cmdlets that you can use to manage domains and users. For more information see Windows PowerShell cmdlets for Office 365.

Exchange Online and SharePoint Online modules for Windows PowerShell can be used to administer those services. For more information, see Exchange Online cmdlets, and Introduction to the SharePoint Online management shell.

Azure Rights Management (RMS) provides content authors with the ability to protect content by adding limitations such as who can open, modify, copy, print, forward, or take other actions, which is known as Information Rights Management (IRM). All Office 365 users can view IRM-protected content. For more information, see Rights Management.

To view feature availability across Office 365 plans, see Office 365 Platform Service Description.

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