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Topic Last Modified: 2016-09-01

If you are using Office 365 operated by 21Vianet, Blackberry Business Cloud Services (BBCS) is not available, but you can use Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync devices or an offering from Research in Motion (RIM, the BlackBerry wireless email solution) to run Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES).

BlackBerry® smartphones can access email and documents in Office 365.

BlackBerry 10 smartphones can connect to Exchange Online directly using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

There are two options for connecting BlackBerry 7 and earlier smartphones to Exchange Online:

  • BlackBerry® Business Cloud Services (BBCS) from BlackBerry   BBCS applies BlackBerry technology and functionality to provide email, calendar, and personal information management on BlackBerry smartphones. The service, which BlackBerry hosts, licenses, and supports, directly links Microsoft Exchange Online with BlackBerry smartphones. BBCS is available at no additional charge to certain Office 365 plan subscribers. It works with BlackBerry 7 and earlier smartphones on business or consumer data plans. Administrators can perform cloud-based provisioning and management of BlackBerry 7 and earlier smartphones within the BBCS environment.

  • BlackBerry® Internet Service (BIS)   The BIS service allows BlackBerry users to access their email accounts over the Internet through IMAP or POP.

    For BIS, most mobile operators have it set up, therefore end users will need to configure e-mail, calendar and contacts synch using the instructions in the following Knowledge Base articles:

    Users who connect to their accounts using IMAP or POP connections can only synchronize their email using a wireless connection. For information about how BIS users can synchronize the contacts and calendar between their BlackBerry smartphones and their accounts using a wired connection, see BlackBerry Desktop Software at the BlackBerry Web site.

For more information about mobile devices, see Set up email on a BlackBerry.

For Microsoft SharePoint Online access, BlackBerry users can use the native browser on their BlackBerry smartphone to access SharePoint Online sites. BlackBerry users can view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents using Office Online rendering in the mobile browser.

To view feature availability across Office 365 plans, see Office 365 Platform Service Description.

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