ReportExecution2005 Namespace

Public classDataSourceCredentialsRepresents data source credentials.
Public classDataSourcePromptRepresents the name of a data source and the prompt to display to a user.
Public classDocumentMapNodeRepresents a single node in the document map.
Public classExecutionHeaderRepresents state information for sessions in the report server.
Public classExecutionInfoDescribes the state of the current report execution.
Public classExecutionInfo2Describes the state of the current report execution.
Public classExtensionRepresents an extension that is registered with the report server.
Public classPageSettingsRepresents the page settings for a report.
Public classParameterValueRepresents data that is used in parameterized reports or in delivery extension settings.
Public classParameterValueOrFieldReferenceRepresents a user-supplied value or a field name that represents the value of a parameter.
Public classReportExecutionServiceThe Reporting Services Execution Web service allows developers to programmatically process and render reports from a report server.
Public classReportMarginsRepresents the page margins for a report.
Public classReportPaperSizeRepresents the paper size of a report page. Read-only.
Public classReportParameterRepresents a report parameter.
Public classServerInfoHeaderRepresents information about the report server.
Public classTrustedUserHeaderInfrastructure.
Public classValidValueRepresents a valid value for an extension setting.
Public classWarningRepresents a list of errors or warnings that are returned when a report is published or processed.

Public enumerationExtensionTypeEnumDescribes the type of extension that is registered with the report server.
Public enumerationPageCountModeSpecifies whether to calculate the report page count as an actual page count or an estimate of the page count.
Public enumerationParameterStateEnumSpecifies the state of a parameter.
Public enumerationParameterTypeEnumSpecifies the data type of a parameter.
Public enumerationSortDirectionEnumSpecifies sort directions.