ReportService2006 Namespace

The ReportService2006 Web service enables developers to programmatically manage objects on a report server that is configured for SharePoint integrated mode.

Public classActiveStateRepresents information about the active state of a subscription. An ActiveState object is returned by methods that query subscription properties.
Public classCatalogItemRepresents an item in a SharePoint library.
Public classDailyRecurrenceRepresents the intervals at which a scheduled report runs. Intervals are specified in days.
Public classDataRetrievalPlanRepresents settings that are required to retrieve data from the delivery query for data-driven subscriptions.
Public classDataSetDefinitionRepresents information about a set of data to display in a report.
Public classDataSourceRepresents a data source in a SharePoint library.
Public classDataSourceCredentialsRepresents data source credentials.
Public classDataSourceDefinitionRepresents a data source definition in SharePoint library.
Public classDataSourceDefinitionOrReferenceRepresents a data source definition or a reference to a shared data source.
Public classDataSourcePromptRepresents the name of a data source and the prompt to display to a user.
Public classDataSourceReferenceRepresents a reference to a shared data source in a SharePoint library.
Public classDaysOfWeekSelectorRepresents the days of the week on which a scheduled report runs.
Public classEventRepresents an event registered with the report server.
Public classExpirationDefinitionRepresents the expiration setting for a cached report.
Public classExtensionRepresents an extension that is registered with the report server.
Public classExtensionParameterRepresents a setting for an extension.
Public classExtensionSettingsRepresents a delivery extension and its configurable settings.
Public classFieldRepresents a field in a dataset of a report.
Public classInvalidDataSourceReferenceRepresents a state in which a data source reference is no longer valid.
Public classJobRepresents a user or system job that a report server is actively processing.
Public classMinuteRecurrenceRepresents the intervals, in minutes, at which a scheduled report runs.
Public classModelCatalogItemUsed to provide a listing of all model perspectives for a model.
Public classModelDrillthroughReportProvides information about a model drillthrough report.
Public classModelItemProvides the semantic definition of the model item.
Public classModelPerspectiveProvides information about a perspective of a model.
Public classMonthlyDOWRecurrenceRepresents the dates on which a scheduled report runs, typically by month, week, and day of the week.
Public classMonthlyRecurrenceRepresents the days of the month on which a scheduled report runs.
Public classMonthsOfYearSelectorRepresents the months of the year in which a scheduled report runs.
Public classNoScheduleRepresents a state in which no schedules are associated with the execution or snapshot history settings of a report.
Public classParameterFieldReferenceRepresents a field name that a report server uses to retrieve the value for a parameter.
Public classParameterValueRepresents data that is used in parameterized reports or in delivery extension settings.
Public classParameterValueOrFieldReferenceRepresents a user-supplied value or a field name that represents the value of a parameter.
Public classPolicyRepresents groups and users and their roles, which are associated with items in a SharePoint library.
Public classPropertyRepresents the properties of an item in a SharePoint library.
Public classQueryDefinitionRepresents a query that retrieves the data for a subscription.
Public classRecurrencePatternRepresents the recurrence pattern of a schedule definition.
Public classReportHistorySnapshotRepresents a report history snapshot.
Public classReportingService2006Contains the methods and properties that can be used to call the Reporting Services Web service when it is running in SharePoint integrated mode.
Public classReportParameterRepresents a report parameter.
Public classRoleRepresents a role for use in Reporting Services security. 
Public classScheduleRepresents a schedule and its properties.
Public classScheduleDefinitionRepresents a defined schedule.
Public classScheduleDefinitionOrReferenceRepresents a schedule definition or a reference to a shared schedule.
Public classScheduleExpirationRepresents a schedule that defines when a cached copy of a report expires.
Public classScheduleReferenceRepresents a reference to a shared schedule.
Public classServerInfoHeaderRepresents information about the report server.
Public classSubscriptionRepresents a subscription in the report server database.
Public classSYSTEMTIMERepresents a date and time using individual members for the month, day, year, weekday, hour, minute, second, and millisecond.
Public classTaskRepresents a SharePoint site or list permission.
Public classTimeExpirationRepresents the time, in minutes, that defines when a cached copy of a report expires.
Public classTimeZoneInformationSpecifies information specific to the time zone.
Public classTrustedUserHeaderThis class is not used.
Public classValidValueRepresents a valid value for an extension setting or report parameter.
Public classWarningRepresents a list of errors or warnings that are returned when a report is published or processed.
Public classWeeklyRecurrenceRepresents the number of weeks and the days of the week on which a scheduled report runs.

Public enumerationCredentialRetrievalEnumDescribes the credential retrieval settings for a data source.
Public enumerationDrillthroughTypeSpecifies the type of a drillthrough report.
Public enumerationExecutionSettingEnumDescribes the current execution setting of a report.
Public enumerationExtensionTypeEnumDescribes the type of extension that is registered with the report server.
Public enumerationItemTypeEnumDescribes the type of an item in a SharePoint library.
Public enumerationJobActionEnumDescribes the process that initiated the job.
Public enumerationJobStatusEnumDescribes the status of a job.
Public enumerationJobTypeEnumDescribes the type of a job.
Public enumerationModelItemTypeEnumDefines the types that model items can contain.
Public enumerationParameterStateEnumSpecifies the state of a parameter.
Public enumerationParameterTypeEnumSpecifies the data type of a parameter.
Public enumerationScheduleStateEnumDescribes the current state of a schedule.
Public enumerationSecurityScopeEnumDefines the scopes of security that are available for a SharePoint site.
Public enumerationSensitivityEnumDescribes the sensitivity of a given type: kanatype, case, width, or accent.
Public enumerationWeekNumberEnumDescribes the week of the month in which a scheduled report runs.